Isle of Dinosaurs 2D is a classic action maze game with retro pixel art graphics featuring two playable characters, co-op gameplay and dinosaurs developed by a single indie developer and one artist.

In-game you can play with any of the two playable characters Kil (boy) and Mil (girl) respectively. You can customize the names of your characters.

Player Characters


A boy, friend of Mil, likes to juggle with objects.


A girl, friend of Kil, brave and inventive.

Player Weapons





Young Red Rex

Elder Red Rex

Young Anky

Elder Anky

Young Ptery

Elder Ptery

To be announced: Trike, Stego, Bronto, Gali, Para, Thery

Player Movement

You can configure to control your character by either Keyboard or GamePad.

Keyboard Configuration:

  • W or ↑ - forward

  • S  or ↓ - backward

  • A or ← - left

  • D or → - right

  • SPACE - fire

Gamepad configuration:

  • Stick - directions (forward, backward, left right)

  • A - fire

You character can walk in all four directions plus diagonals by pressing forward or backward with left or right keys at the same time.


You grew up close to the heart of the big city.


You live with your grandfather in a house with a big garden in a

beautiful neighborhood. This is the perfect playground for you and

your friends!

One day, upon returning from school with your friend, you decide to

play hide and seek and hide in the upstrairs room of your grandpa.

In one of the rooms there are two ceremonial mask hanging on the wall.

The masks have distinct features, one is for a male and another one is

for a female.

Using a chair, you and your friend manage to climb and reach them.

Once you have them in your hands, you put on the masks for additional

amusement and continue to play.

You sneak in the backyard garden without your grandpa noticing and

to your surprise, through the crystal eye sockets of your mask,

you observe a secret portal close to the big tree that your grandpa has

in the garden.

Stepping closer to the tree you teleport into another world.

Welcome to Isle of Dinosaurs aka IOD, a prehistoric realm that is filled with different dinosaurs and other mysterious creatures.

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