:: What type of game is this? ::

A 2D arcade action with small RPG elements.

:: What kind of gameplay does the game include? ::

The main gameplay is arcade based. There are some small RPG elements added.

You start in a corner of a map and most of the time you have to eliminate the dinosaurs and their bases.

Current gameplay types are:

   * Crystal Island - gather crystals to win

   * Bomberman - eliminate all enemies

   * Base defense - tower defense combined with Dota

:: Does the game features co-op? ::

Yes, you can play cooperative via the same Keyboard or having an additional Controller.

:: Does the game features multiplayer? ::

Not on the first release.

Multiplayer has already been tested but will not be included in the first working version of the game.

The game will feature a self-hosted standalone multiplayer server that can be hosted by anyone.

:: Who are the main characters of the game? ::

You are the main character.

You can chose playing as a boy or as a girl.

See more on "Story" page.

:: What is the story of the game? ::

Upon returning from school you accidentally teleport yourself into a prehistoric world.
See more on "
Story" page.

:: What has inspired the game? ::

The game is inspired by classic 2D games like Prehistorik and Dyna Bomberman.

During map making and character creation I've drawn inspiration from:

StarCraft "Use Map Settings" maps, Dota, The Isle, SNES games, Youtube gameplay videos.

My kid also provides me with a lot of ideas about characters and locations.

:: Who is developing the game? ::

Gali - Lead Game Designer, Game Engine Developer, Sound Designer

Tom - Lead Artist

* other concept art artists that will be credited in the final game.

:: What engine and technologies are you using? ::

The game uses a proprietary engine called ScriptBoss written in TypeScript.

The main language is TypeScript (a superset of JavaScript) then there is node.js, HTML5 APIs and CSS.

The game is also using React.js for basic rendering and events in the UI.

:: What art style? ::

The game features pixel art as an art style that resembles retro games with an unique top-down perspective on the world and players.

Artstyle guidelines are:

* frame by frame animated pixel art

* kid friendly (think Nintendo) 

* use warm color tones

* no flashes, no screen shakes, no particles generated in excess

* 1% post-process

:: How are you publishing the game? ::

The game is self-published.

The game is being released on: Windows, Mac, Linux.

The game be available on Steam, GOG, Windows Store.

An early demo will be published on Kongregate.

:: What about funding? ::

 Game is self-funded at the moment.

I do not accept donations at the moment.

No crowd funding campaign (Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc) has been considered so far. 

:: Do you keep a developer log? ::

Yes, you can check my development adventures on by reading the "DevLog" page.

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