I'm Gali and I've been a software developer for the last 18 years, currently splitting my time between the current job, family and game development.

About Isle Of Dinosaurs (IOD):

I've started developing a game engine for some web experiments and fell in love with the idea of making a game that is kid-safe, has retro graphics and potentially co-op and multiplayer.

After multiple iterations on the said game engine I stumbled across the idea of making a game based on the story of two brothers (kids) that fight against dinosaurs in order to get back home.

My kid is helping me testing and creating the main characters of the game.

Fun facts:

* I used to do gaming compilation videos for fun. See #GalliArmy.

* I occasionally record ambient or blues music.

* I have a top open-source project that I maintain in my "free" time.

* I used to live on a street named just like me. Coincidence!

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